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Things Aren't Black or White

Things Aren't Black or White

My uncle won the lottery and then drank himself to death a few years later. Now, was winning the lottery a curse, or just the catalyst for decisions he may have been always destined to make? My journey as Humble The Poet really started once I was betrayed, heartbroken, and left for broke with $80,000 debt. Now was all that hardship a secret blessing, or just the cliff I needed to fall off to find my wings. We all have stories where we really can't decide if things were good news or bad news. Let's allow things to play out with a "let's see what happens" attitude, and not rush to judgement. Rushing to judgement rarely helps, and only increases our stress and chances of making another boneheaded decision. Slow down, pay attention, don't be so hyperbolic, and find the shades of gray in between all the black and white that exists in this world.
This quote is from my new book THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US, a collection of challenging moments and tools to find/discover/and create the silver lining from all of them, to better equip ourselves for future challenges that await us. 
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