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A Million Mistakes Is Better Than Never Trying

A Million Mistakes Is Better Than Never Trying

The history and progress of our species have been all trial and error. We try things, mess up, and try something else until we solve a problem. Often solving that problem creates a new problem, and the cycle continues. Now we find ourselves in a world where we can literally do anything we want, as long as we start, but starting is the hardest part. We're scared to start because we don't want to mess up, we're scared to start because of the work it's going to take. We're scared to start because of how much time it'll take just to see a little bit of progress. I've made countless mistakes to get to the point where you're willing to spend some of your precious time reading my writing, and I'll continue to make mistakes moving forward. If you've been holding back on things out of fear of making mistakes, remember those mistakes aren't your enemy, they're your teachers, which makes them your friends. The opposite of success isn't failure, the opposite of success is inaction. Failure is what we've been paving our road to success with since the beginning of our time. Continue the tradition our ancestors started: try, fail, and try again.
What's a mistake you've been avoiding? #BLESS

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