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Learn From Your Pain

Learn From Your Pain

I finished a big national interview and by the time I walked outside the building, and crossed one street light, I was already consumed with regret. "I could have answered questions differently, I may have went off topic too much, I'm not sure if the interviewer was even interested!" By the time I hit the next street light, I felt like complete trash for not being able to travel back in time and do things perfectly. The truth is, I may have or may not have fucked up the interview, but the truth also is, it's done.
My best course of action, like with most of the regrets we all hold, is to keep moving forward, and fix the mistakes I identified in the next interview. Our pasts haunts us because we haven't learned enough from it. I need to be reminded that as long as I speak my truth, I won't have much to regret, and overthinking is going to lead to under-doing. Maybe I'll avoid the comment section when the interview drops, or maybe I'll lean into the feedback so I can be better, both options are better than beating myself up over something that's completely out of my control now. Let's not let the pain from our yesterday get a free pass into our tomorrows. Let's face the pain voluntarily, learn from it, and allow it to turn into wisdom and strength, the tools we need to evolve in life. #BLESS
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