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Things start to work out and line up on their own schedule. My first book sold 3-5 copies a week when I released it independently in 2014; a few years later it became a best seller. The words in the book didn't change, it was just that the seed was growing, and growing at its own pace. My latest book THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US has hit #1 📖 and #2 🎧 on the Amazon Charts after a week out into the universe. It reminds me that I don't decide the timelines and that being patient isn't waiting around for things to happen, it's respecting the time it takes for things to get to where they need to be.
I want to thank everyone for rocking with me, buying the book, sharing your favourite quotes, listening to the audio version, and telling all your friends, it means a lot. All of the money I've made from these books will go towards sewing strands of gold and platinum into my beard (I'm kidding... or am I 🤔). I get messages from "aspiring" creators who want more people to see their work. I just want my story to be the hard evidence, that all you have to do is keep creating, and especially in this digital age because slowly your community will form. I've been sharing my work since 2007, and have been full-time since 2011, nothing comes overnight. But nothing comes if you never start. Get started, have fun, share your stuff, and let the seeds grow when they grow. #BLESS

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