I have the word NOW tattooed on my hand, and that doesn't really help me stay in the present (SPOILER ALERT: inspirational quotes tattooed on your skin won't be as effective as a nice sticky note on your bathroom mirror, but if you want to get one of my quotes tattooed, go for it). Life gets in the way of our present. Our minds wander to the past and future, and rarely are we spending enough time in the now. Those worries we have exist when we spend too much time in the future, making up stories about how things will turn out, even though we rarely get it right. What we can get right is the idea that slowing down will help calm our nerves when we feel anxious. Bring it back to your breathing, count down slowly from 30, my buddy @Ellevanmusic does calf raises until it burns to keep himself grounded in the NOW. Whatever you can do, even if for a few seconds, do it. All that stress is building cortisol, and that's going to start to age you quicker than you want. Stress literally kills, and no one lives a stress free life, but some of us recognize our ability to shift our attitudes and experiences to better deal with some of the unavoidable stress that finds us. Breathe, journal, dance, scream, break stuff, create stuff, do whatever (healthy) stuff it takes to cut some of that edge off. Worry doesn't accomplish much of anything anything besides creating more worry. #BLESS
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