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There's No Growth in Your Comfort Zone

There's No Growth in Your Comfort Zone

Every great story starts with a character in their comfort zone, who wants more. For them to get more, they have to leave the life they know and enter the world of the unknown. Maybe a new city, new school, new job, new planet, it doesn't matter, it just has to be something new and uncomfortable. ⁣

When they get there, the adventure begins, they deal with a lot of challenges, and hopefully they overcome those challenges and level up as a person. They then return home, newly evolved, ready to take another adventure in the unknown. ⁣
That's all of our lives. We live in a world we know, a world that feels familiar and certain, and often life throws a curve ball at us, and jerks us up out of our comfort zone, and the process of adapting to the new life creates a newer, stronger, more evolved version of ourselves. For every one this year, that big curve ball was Covid, and now we can see how being uncomfortable is the main ingredient to growing. ⁣

What if we didn't wait for life to throw us curve balls, and instead sought them out. What if we actively searched for life outside our comfort zones, what would happen then? I can tell you, the growth would be exponential. ⁣

We can definitly get overwhelmed outside of our comfort zone, and so many of us wait until life throws us out to address that. It's possible to have one foot firmly planted in each. One foot in what we know, and understand, the other foot in the new and uncertain, and from that we can instantly keep finding the best versions of ourselves through the manageable challenges. ⁣

Don't run away from a hard life, chase it, embrace it, and see the magical version of you that comes from going through it. Make your story a great one.⁣

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