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Live Your Life, Baby

Live Your Life, Baby

So many of us grew up from cultures of "small village" mentalities. Even in big cities, we identify with small communities, and have a clear understanding of the gossip channels and how quickly information will spread. People will find out about your breakup, your failed med school exam, and that day you walked around with a piece of food stuck in your teeth.

This paranoia of "what will others say?" keeps us afraid of doing anything off script in our lives. Every day public figures watch someone get cancelled by the internet, fearing their turn is next.

It may very well be, the community you're a part of may find out you're in therapy, or the world might discover you are less than the flawless person you portray yourself to be on social media.

But really, who gives a shit.

Everyone is way too self absorbed in their lives to worry about you beyond a few snickers around the proverbial water cooler. Their exist rarely, and matter even less. Those rare times others decide to proclaim their thoughts and opinions on you, they're telling their story much more than yours.

Protecting the honoUr of your family from the gossiping communities turns into a cage that never had a locking door. We can free ourselves anytime we choose, and very rarely are the consequences from the disapproval of others a big deal.

This is your life, and although other people want a hand in writing your script, they can't unless you let them. Exist the way that feels best for you, even if it isn't convenient or according to the standards for others. It's easier said than done, but I've been doing this, and despite the challenges, it's completely worth it.

Live your life baby.

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