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Thank YOU!

Thank YOU!

It's been an amazing year, having two bestselling books, that have both earned one of the highest honours books in #Canada can get, a #HeathersPick. The holidays get hectic and sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves is some time to breathe, and focus on our own wellness. 101 Life Lessons Without The Bullshit is just that, an opportunity to read some light nuggets of wisdom that will stay with you, as you handle all the challenges your day faces. I'm not promising a life full of happiness and ease. Instead, I'm reminding you of the power you've always held, and the importance of facing the struggles that we'll all be dealing with until our time is up. I want to thank you all for rocking with me, and I'm excited to announce some really cool things coming up in 2019. Much love to my partners at @chaptersindigo for believing in the boy, and trying something new, when everyone else was recycling the old. To all my Handsome Friends, remember your personal wellness is no one else's responsibility but your own, and as you make your happiness a priority, that'll allow you to share that happiness with other people as well. #BLESS

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