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Admitting We're Scared Takes Bravery

Admitting We're Scared Takes Bravery

I make up the most elaborate excuses for why I can't do something.  I can't work out today, my socks don't match. I can't share my work, it's not perfect yet. I can't write my book today, Mercury is in retrograde (I still don't know what that means). We generally make up excuses when we're afraid and don't want to admit it to ourselves. I might be making excuses because I'm afraid of hard work, being criticized, or outright failing and all of those fears make sense, but none of them are worth not moving forward. The first step to addressing a fear is to admit it exists. Admitting we're scared takes bravery, and that's counter-intuitive because it feels like if we are brave enough to admit we're scared, then we wouldn't be afraid in the first place! Fears aren't conquered, they're faced, and we move despite them, not in their absence. That's important because so many people are waiting until the fear goes away before they do anything, but that's not how it works. I still get stage fright every time I perform. I'm still very nervous every time one of my books drop, or I release a music video. The triumph isn't that I'm no longer scared, it's that I admit I'm scared and still make it happen. You've done the same so many times in your life, so don't stop now. What's something you can admit you're afraid of? Leave a comment and let us know. Sharing your story can help others write their own. #BLESS

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