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Start Taking Responsibility for Yourself

Start Taking Responsibility for Yourself

To keep it simple, we have to take more responsibility for our lives. We can waste so much time & energy blaming the world for the life we have, or we can take that same time & energy and put it towards making things better. Remember, the problems in your life may not be your fault, but they're still your responsibility. We're all wired differently, and because of that, we have to spend more time learning about ourselves and figuring out what excites us. When we chase the fun, we'll find the energy. That energy is what's going to get us out of bed more than anything else. I spent a lot of time in bed, waiting for someone to come along and make everything better, but they never came. It was an ironic wakeup call, considering I was in bed, but it was the most important one I ever received. I know what it feels like to be in the dumps, having no energy to do anything. I've been there too many times to count. I can promise you things will get better, but only if you take the first step to get up and try to make them better. This is that point in your life where you decide if your story will be worth reading. I believe in you, my handsome friends! #BLESS

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  • This is amazing! Something that I was in need of. Thank you humble!

  • Thanks Humble, I have to take responsibility for my life.

    Marcela Smith
  • Inhale – Exhale, thanks, i need to reminder myself this every once in awhile


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