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Protect your Peace

Protect your Peace

Forgiving someone isn't saying that what they did was okay, it's saying that you no longer want to carry that grudge with you into your future. I've forgiven people and never had a conversation with them because I didn't forgive them to clear their conscience, I forgive them to lighten my load. We don't always notice how much of a toll resentment and regret takes on us, when we carry it around all day. Telling people what happened to us becomes a trap for self-pity. We think we can't let it go, because if we do let it go, then that means they got away with it, but trust me, they haven't. I don't care about karma, but I've seen first hand the price people pay to have to live, knowing they did others wrong. It manifests itself in guilt, regret, and it chips away at people. I've been around long enough to know the story keeps playing out. People are haunted by the horrible things they do, the longer they have to live with it, but none of that is my concern. I'm responsible for protecting my peace, and holding on to enemies isn't a step in the right direction.  I've also hurt others and wish I could earn their forgiveness. I have to live with those mistakes, and my only option for redemption comes from how I act now. If I can't forgive others, then I should never hope to be forgiven myself. If you've been holding a grudge for way too long, it's time to let it go. You don't need to tell anybody or post about it, you just need to simply let go, and move forward. Only you can give yourself that closure  #BLESS

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