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Take the Steering Wheel Away From Your Heart

Take the Steering Wheel Away From Your Heart

Sometimes all it takes is 5 deep, deliberate breaths, and enough time has gone by for us to make a better decision. When we're more emotional, we react; when we're more rational, we respond. A few breaths make all the difference.
Being too rational leads to overthinking and being too emotional leads to reckless decisions. I'm not going to pretend I know what the perfect ratio is between the two, but I know I should hear from both sides before I make any important decision.
When we have new experiences, we're caught off guard and our emotions grab the wheel. When we've been around the block, we can handle things more wisely. Every day is going to be the first moment of trauma for someone. It could be their first heartbreak, a first loss of family, a first injury, a first pandemic. There's an endless amount of firsts to catch us off guard. It's okay to lose your cool, we all do it, but the more we practice, and pay attention, the less we'll do it.
Sometimes those in power know we're easier to control when they say and do outrageous things, and that's why they do it. Being mindful of how we react to things is a great first step to having more control and responding accordingly.
Stop forcing yourself to be stoic, it's okay to feel; our feelings feed our empathy, just be aware of who needs to be holding the wheel and when. #BLESS
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