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Go So Far You Can't Hear Them Anymore

Go So Far You Can't Hear Them Anymore

Be careful of the people you keep around you, they can be toxic.
To simplify things, there are people who:
 1) get in our way
 2) stay out of our way or
3) help us on our way

Which ones do you have? ⁣
Often, when we are trying to make things happen, there are people in our lives (including those we're close to) trying to project their insecurities onto us by telling us things can't be done.
This isn't a debate about whether we're being realistic or not in our endeavors, it's a matter of whether we have people around us who support us, even when things seem difficult. Often, the Negative-Nancys in our lives aren't looking to harm us, but more so validate the fears they carry around with them.
Negativity can spread like a germ, so we have to be mindful of the type of people we associate with, regardless if they're family or life long friends. Relationships can end and change like the seasons, respect that.
Also be aware if you're a Negative-Nancy for someone else. Are you encouraging others to create the life they want, or are you giving them reasons to give up, or not start at all. Sometimes we keep friends around us who aren't good for our spirit because we don't want to abandon them, and we would rather try to infect them with positivity. That's a noble view, and by all means go for it, but pay attention to patterns of behaviour and people who don't want the help. If these people begin to suck more energy out of you, it may be wise to cut them loose, life is too short to spend energy on those who don't deserve it.
Also be aware of the wonderful people in your life who encourage you to make things happen, and take that extra step to push you on your way. Show them you appreciate them, those are instants smiles waiting to be collected. Spend extra calories on those who deserve it.
The energy people carry around is often the energy they will splash on you, pay attention and cut out the toxic ones. You deserve better.
If you made it this far, leave a 👏 with your comment, so I know you're a real one.
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