Happy Mother's Day

Some of us are lucky enough to feel the love of more than one mother. My sisters are mothers, @lilly is a proud dog mom, and other women may not even have children but already have that motherly nurture in their love language. To be a mother is to be bursting with love, more than enough to go around, and lucky guys like me get to experience that. I consider the beautiful city of #Toronto to be my mother too. I wouldn't be the person I am without her influence. Mother Earth has sustained me this long, and MamaPoet has spent the last year making more efforts to better understand the weirdo her son is. That's what love does, it makes people try, even when trying is the hardest thing to do. Happy Mother's Day to everyone, and for those who may not have their mother in their lives anymore, I send you extra light and love. Our mothers didn't just give us love, they helped us realize the source of love that we are; we can tap into that anytime, even in their absence.
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