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Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

There are times where I fall behind taking care of my hair, I keep it tied up, and it gets full of knots, and then the idea of washing it and getting rid of the knots makes me tired, so I avoid it, and that only compounds the problem.

Then I get around to it, and it sucks. Brushing my hair is painful, and it feels like the knots will never come out. But with a little (and conditioner), every last one comes out, and I have silky smooth Jesus-esque hair again.

This process always reminds of life as a whole. Some of the most important things we do to take care of ourselves are the least fun and sexy, but they're still essential. Taking care of ourselves regularly makes it easier than doing it rarely, but we still choose rarely. We're more reactive than proactive, and instead of voluntarily doing some challenging stuff, we wait until it finds us and then struggle to face it.

I'm going through transitions in my life, and it feels like brushing out stubborn knots, but the pain is more intense, and the process is slower, but the truth remains; stick with it, and things get better. Whatever we do, we improve at, and our lack of patience is a bigger enemy than the tasks themselves.

Whatever you're doing to get through what you're going through, keep doing it. The progress you make matters, and is worth celebrating. You may not have all the knots out yet, but keep working at it, keep chipping away, those baby steps add up.

Good things happen to those who stick with it.

Leave a 👩🏿 with your comment, and tag someone who needs this. If you want to come over and take care of my hair, send your qualifications over and we'll review your application.

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