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Make Mistakes & Learn From Them

Make Mistakes & Learn From Them

Imagine the life you would live if you weren't afraid to fail. 

Instead of calling it failure, we can call it feedback. 

A "failed" relationship isn't a failure in life, it's feedback for who we are, the type of partner we want to have, and the gaps in our ability to exist with someone else. 

Anything we try and doesn't work out isn't a sign that we're a piece of shit, it's an opportunity to learn, make changes and try again. Life is about progress, not perfection, and if we can absorb that idea, then things get so much more fun. 

This isn't a revolutionary idea; this is how you learned to walk, and speak, and even eat. As a species, we try stuff, mess up, learn and get better. Some of the consequences of messing up were expensive and heavy, but that didn't mean we stopped trying, our progress depends on that trial and error. 

I've been Humble The Poet full time since December 2010, and the trial and error hasn't stopped. I've tried and messed up, but I never failed, because failure only exists when you STOP trying. I still hold anxieties around failure. I still beleive I have a big audience watching my moves and will judge me if things don't go perfectly, but thta's not the truth. There's plenty you've witnessed not go well for me (there's probably spelling mistakes in this), and the world didn't end. 

Lebron has lost championship games, Beyonce has fallen off stage, and you're going to mess something up this week, and that's okay. None of these mistakes mean we're not worthy of love or trying again. 

Growth only comes from being uncomfortable and maknig mistakes, and life only really exists when there's growth. Even if someone tells us the stove is hot, our dumbasses need to touch it ourselves to truley learn, and that's okay. 

So go make mistakes, and don't consider yourself for making them, consider yourself a student for learning from them.  Now the more you make the better

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