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An Open Mind is More Important Than Taking Sides

An Open Mind is More Important Than Taking Sides

It was cute when the arguments were light hearted and about Soccer teams like Manchester United vs. Liverpool (I said soccer instead of "footy" to bug you non North Americans). Rivalries and divisions are fun, as long as they stay fun. But slowly, and heavy fueled by social medias ability to amplify stupid ideas, the lines were drawn deeper, and the divides became much more intense.

Now you're a right wing racist, or a left wing libtard, and there's very little space in between. We pick sides, dig deeper, and only interact with other people who think, look, believe, and live like us. This, again fueled heavily by social media, creates echo chambers, where we stop being exposed to ideas different than ours, and our brains shrink and crystalize.

It really doesn't matter what teams and groups we identify with, if we can't imagine co-existing with someone from the "other side" then we're infected with a closed mind. An open mind requires an open heart, open ears, and a closed mouth. We're rewarded online for having sharp and polarizing views and opinions, but we're causing damage to ourselves.

An open mind is more important than taking sides. By all means, take a stand, pick your team, but keep space for others who don't share your values, because they're less your enemies, and more your teachers. Media will make it feel like the world is at war, showing footage dummies violently clashing over political ideas and politicians who don't give a shit about them; that's not everybody, but it makes for great click bait$. When no one is pulling our strings, we'll be more unified, can focus on our communities instead of our differences, and recognize that the loudest voices pushing divide, aren't doing it out of resolve and passion; they're doing it to get power and wealth.

Trump vs Biden
Vegan vs non-vegan
Kanye vs Taylor
Gold Dress vs Blue Dress
Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
Atheist vs. Theist

Don't be a sucker. Unity is immunity to the bullshit

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