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Let's be clear, there's no such thing as ROCK BOTTOM, things can ALWAYS get worse. Respect this idea and stop looking at life in terms of where you are, instead, look at it in terms of where you're headed.

We have this fear of not being "ready", as if everything has to line up perfectly before we can live the life we want. Waiting to be ready will keep us waiting around forever; everyone who's living a life we wish we had, started before they were ready, and have been figuring out along the way. We're always moving, so there is no ready, there's only direction. We have to aim towards a direction that matters.

Progress matters much more than perfect; there is no perfect time to get started, but there's always progress once we do. Life has whatever meaning and purpose you want to give it. It's a collection of games, and you can choose to play any game you want, just play it well, and celebrate the progress.

So many reach out to me saying they feel lost, and that's okay. Be lost, but pick a direction and keep moving, as you move, more will be revealed, and your direction and aims will become clearer, but YOU HAVE TO KEEP MOVING.

It's okay to climb a mountain, then have to turn back down and start climbing another. That's better than standing around like a dunce staring and waiting to figure out the perfect path to take. That's what Unlearning is; we learn, UNLEARN (waddup book plug), and re-learn, and none of that is tragic; it's life.

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