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Stop Trying to Be People's Hero

Stop Trying to Be People's Hero

I like helping people who help themselves; the time, energy, love, and attention I give them rarely feel wasted. I don't help them to be a hero, I help them because I CAN help them, and it feels great knowing I'm in a position to help. I used to seek out people who thought they were in a rut. People who I thought I could be good for, but I wasn't always right. Most of the time, they became more of a negative influence on me than I was a positive one for them, and that's usually how it goes. Even when our problems aren't our fault, they're still our responsibility, and we have to take the first baby steps to improve them before we can expect anyone else to. No one is going to care about your situation more than yourself, and as you make baby steps to making things better, it'll instill confidence in others to do the same, and help you on your way. We are tribal creatures, and community is important, so let's continue to support each other, but always be mindful if that energy is going to good use. I'm not talking about reciprocation either, I don't help others in hopes that they'll help me. I help others in hopes that I'm not wasting my time (because time is the most important thing we have). I've made it a point to ensure that those who helped me on my journey (and there's so many of them) know that their time, love, energy, and attention wasn't spent in vain.
People are people, not projects, don't let this become something we do to stroke our egos or validate our existence. Instead, let's help because we can. That's how things get better for everybody riding this thing called life. #BLESS
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