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No One Promised Us An Easy Life

No One Promised Us An Easy Life

When I was younger, I would always look for the path of least resistance. I would cut corners, and try to find the easy way out. I didn't realize how much I was hurting myself. Also, I had this unhealthy level of entitlement that made me feel that life owed me something, whether that was happiness, fairness, or even another day. I can tell these stories, and share these life lessons forever, but the reality is, you're really going to absorb this once you go through some shit yourself. Bollywood, porn and Disney movies got us feeling like we've been promised something for simply existing, but that's just not the case. Every time I share something, there's always a comment stating "that's easier said than done", and I roll my eyes, cause EVERYTHING is easier said than done, and anything WORTH doing should be a challenge, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it. Stop thinking that life owes you anything, it doesn't. Stop thinking you're a victim to the universe, you aren't. This kills some of the romance to life, but it will allow you a sustainable life-view that won't take a toll on your mental health. Just because I'm not plotting & scheming on others doesn't entitle me to protection from others scheming and plotting on me. I understand how difficult life can feel, but sometimes all we have to do is press pause, take a deep breath, write some shit down, plan, and execute the baby-steps. Religion loves to sell us the idea that we can follow a template and be rewarded, but the only ones being rewarded are the ones selling those ideas. It's impossible to live without expectations, but it's completely possible to feel immediately better once we start reducing our expectations of life, others, and ourselves. Don't chase the easy life, chase the challenging rewarding one, as humans we need that variety. All this takes is a lil self-awareness and a couple deep breaths. #BLESS
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