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Everything is Temporary

Everything is Temporary

I was on a walk when I passed by the supermarket near me, and get this, it was almost empty- no lines, no crowds, nothing. So I walked in, cautiously. There was a security guard, and he was directing people to use the hand sanitizer before they entered. Things seemed normal, and I realized I got lucky. All I really needed was bananas (Pro tip, get the bananas green, so they turn yellow when it's time to eat), but as I walked through the grocery store, I had an overwhelming urge to get more random things. 


The fear that's been downloaded into us for the past few weeks had me thinking of scarcity, and made me feel like I should buy a whole bunch of other stuff, in case I don't get this opportunity again. The truth is, it's been a month since the apocalypse here in Toronto, and everything is doing alright so far, and the real problem was my fear. 


I ended up just getting the bananas and some junk food to balance things out. I didn't want the fear to get the best of me, because that fear spreads much quicker and more severely than The Rona right now. 


We have voices in our head that have been there for so long that we think they belong there. I've never lived a life of "not enough", but "not enough" has been on my mind. I realized a lot of it came from the news I watch and things I come across on social media. I know it's ridiculous, but like all consistent messaging, it starts to make its way into our minds.


Nothing lasts forever, not quarantine, not The Rona, and not our lives, but while these things are here, there's stuff to learn and adjustments to be made. The adjustments I'm making are less news, and even less social media; its impact adds up, and I can choose better things to do than stare at my phone. I hope you're finding some magic in your quarantine, and are learning some patterns that can help you develop better habits that will serve you long after this is done. 


If you made it this far, leave a 🍌 with your comment so I know you're a real one. #BLESS

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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