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Stop Comparing

Stop Comparing



My man @jayshetty put it perfectly, "stop identifying the gaps in your life in relation to who's in the room." As humans, we're constantly judging ourselves based on who's around us. Ever notice that when you're around a very fit person, the voice in your head starts to talk about joining the gym? It's good to improve our situations, but we can't do everything at once and start new things just because we met someone who has what we want. That's why social media is so dangerous, it constantly has us comparing our normal ass lives with the highlight reels of others, forgetting that they too, have normal ass lives. Even when I'm jet-setting around the world, getting to do cool as things, I'll see someone playing with their kids, and start missing my niece and nephew. I wasn't missing them until someone reminded me of what I was missing, and that's the danger. We need to spend more time by ourselves so we can understand what TRULY matters to us, instead of our need to simply catch up with everyone else doing their thing. If you keep comparing yourself to others, you'll continually feel unhappy and unfulfilled, because you'll always be looking up. We're not looking at pictures of children in the 3rd world and finding moments of gratitude. Instead, we're the 1%, looking at the 0.1%, wondering why our lives suck so much. It's all about perspective, be aware of this, and reduce the comparisons, life will start to feel better very quickly. #BLESS

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