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It's OK to have a bad day..

It's OK to have a bad day..

When I was a teacher, wearing my reflective vest, getting hit in the head with those bouncy balls kids play with at recess, in a bout of self-pity, I thought no one else had it worse than me. I imagined my favourite rappers living on yachts, scribbling life-changing verses in their notebooks and taking the rest of the day off. 10 years later, I realized they are living with their own challenges, and their IG's aren't indicative of how wonderful and horrible their lives really are. I don't broadcast my life too much online, and that makes people assume that I have a perfect peachy life. Instead of listing all the challenges I'm currently facing, let's just remember that NOBODY, not you, not me, not Michelle Obama, or Beyonce have a perfect life. As someone who gets to live a very non-conventional life with extremely cool experiences, I can tell you that it also comes with very non-conventional problems, that the cool experiences do not make up for. The belief that others are better off in life amplifies our problems that much more. Life shouldn't be perfect, and the bad days can be gifts. They can also be the opposite if we decide that we want them to be bad weeks, years, and lives. We always have control over our attitude, maybe we just need to eat, or sit quietly for a minute, or anything else to help us regain a sense of self before moving forward. The worst thing we can do is to fall into the trap of self-pity; it's addictive and destructive, so don't let it happen, and quit it, if you find yourself doing it. Good days come and go, and so will the bad, and spend enough time on this earth, you'll realize that the idea of good and bad is subjective, and we can make every day anything we want, all by shifting our perspective. Remember life isn't what happens to us, it's how we CHOOSE to handle it. #BLESS

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