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People Who Aren’t Happy With What They Have, Won’t Be Happy With What They Get

I was $80,000 in debt with no idea how anyone made money as an artist. I came to LA and met people `10 years younger than me, making $100,000 a month… but they didn’t seem any happier or sadder than me. I had anxiety about being broke and promised myself that I’d be so much more grateful once I was out of debt. After a few years of scraping, clawing, saving, and hustling, I got out of debt, and it felt great.. for a little while. New stresses found me, and I caught myself making more promises about how much more grateful I will be once I overcame those new humps. Years later, I’ve been fortunate with my earnings, but the challenges keep coming. New levels present new devils, and no one is immune to the bullshit. Those young folks making $100K had problems, because everyone has problems, and often, the solutions to improve those problems can’t always have money thrown at them. Our attitude towards what we have determines our attitude towards what we get. If we’re primed to search out things to be grateful for, then our bank accounts, follower count, body shape, or whatever other measures of success we have, won’t be the primary focus. There are days where I envy the Humble that no one knew about; there was a freedom in that obscurity. That’s a type of freedom money can’t buy. I’m grateful for those not-so-happy rich folks I met early in my journey, they helped me realize my real wealth: relationships, my ability to love, and my ability to create. Those are all things that don’t have a price tag and still feel priceless. It’s a funky balance trying to be ambitious for more and finding gratitude in what you already have, but it’s a funky dance we’ll be doing our whole lives. So find a song you love and get to it. #BLESS
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