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The yin-yang ☯️ is a dope image because it really clarifies life well. There's a world that's familiar to us, and there's a world that's unfamiliar to us. For the yin-yang, we can call that order-chaos.

We often keep both feet in the familiar because it's what we know, and that's also referred to as our comfort zone. The problem with being in our comfort zone is that there's no growth there, it's all familiar, and we'll end up bored, stagnant, and will wither away. Now when we climb out of our comfort zone into chaos, all that new scary shit will force us to adapt and grow, and it's fantastic, but it can be overwhelming, sometimes so overwhelming, that we run back to our comfort zone and never leave again. What we don't realize is, within our comfort zone, discomfort can arise (hence the little dark dot in the white), and in the chaos, we can find some familiarity (hence the little white dot in the dark). For that reason we have no business existing in only one, instead, we're better off always having one foot in each half, so we are grounded in the order of the familiar, while we're also venturing out into the discomfort of the chaos (where we'll grow).

It's so dope how this simple symbol encapsulates so much, and it was created so long ago; another reminder that we, as people, have been dealing with this shit since forever. If you want to keep growing as a person, you'll have to venture out into the familiar. It doesn't have to be a full out nose dive, but it's got to be at least a foot. There are no safe spaces, stay in one place long enough and the challenges find you, so you might as well find them first. #BLESS

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