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We're All On The Same Team

We're All On The Same Team

At the #Emmys I got to witness so many people hold @lilly's hand, stare her really tough in the eye and say "Thank you, what you're doing is important, you need to keep going." They're in the industry, and they see the big picture behind @latewithlilly. That big picture isn't about Lilly's career, it's about creating a space & platform where underrepresented voices are not only heard, but celebrated. It's never happened on this scale before, and if Lilly doesn't pull it off, it never will again.

The success of #latewithlilly is a win for everyone who doesn't see themselves in the mainstream; it's a part of a bigger movement, and we need all the help we can get. When Lilly messes up and makes mistakes (because yes, Superwoman is actually a human), we have a choice to kick her while she's down, or lend her a hand and help her get back up. I know that's a hard choice for some, because so few were extending helping hands to us growing up. We've been raised with so much guilt & shame, that our first instinct is throw some at others when they do something we don't like. I was raised the same, but I evolved from it and found better tools, and began to approach people with love, compassion, and tact. That's not easier than throwing shade, but it works out better in the long run.
Lilly's success is not your failure, so please stop praying for her downfall. We're all on the same team, in the same family, working towards the same goals. I used to be jealous of others who did more and had more than me, and would look for opportunities to tear them down the first chance I got.. but then I grew up, and I know you will too. Criticising/cancelling people on the internet takes us nowhere. It fools us into thinking we did something, when really we did absolutely nothing, let's be better than that.
The success of @LateWithLilly is OUR success, and it's failure are OURS as well, let's do our part, make space for Lilly to make mistakes, encourage her to keep going, spread the word about the show, watch all the clips, leave all the comments, and ensure her efforts inspire us to do more for ourselves and others as well.

Happy Belated Birthday Daag.. I love you FREAL #Bless

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