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We may have sex with someone before we hold their hand. They may see us naked before they see us cry. We can see vulnerability as a weakness in the dance of dating, and something as close as touching foreheads can be seen as way too intense. We also come from cultures that shun sex, and that results in ill-informed young folks, who aren't able to descern the short, medium, and long term impacts of their sexual choices. Many of us are told we can't date, and then are pressured to find a life partner in the blink of an eye, never have been given the opportunity to understand ourselves and socialize with others to make healthy connections. LOVE WON'T PAY THE RENT / CHIPPIN'IN explores all that and some, packaged in a catchy bright sounds, and easy to repeat lyrics. For many of you, these are the first songs you've heard from me, but I'm sure you can see why some things need to be in vibrations in stead of black and white print on a page. LOVE WON'T PAY THE RENT / CHIPPIN'IN is available on all streaming platforms, Link in my bio. please SHARE this video on your stories so your friends know you have great tastes in music and beards. Leave a 👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽with your comment so I know you're a real one who made it to the end of my long ass caption. #LOVE

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