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Do This For Your Well-Being

Do This For Your Well-Being

Sometimes we call it depression when it's much more complicated than that. When life gets overwhelming, and we don't have the energy, tools, strategies, and bandwidth to deal with it, we resign to the idea that something is just wrong with us; and that can often be the furthest from the truth.

Many of our choice either help or hurt our ability to deal with all the shit life throws us. I get more existential and depressed when my back injuries flare up, I get more anxious after having caffeine, I'm more moody when I'm hungry, and I'm more emotional when I'm tired; a lot of those can be minimized with choices I make.

I'm not here to tell people who feel depressed that they aren't depressed, I'm here to shine light on things that can improve the situation.

Movement is medicine.
Good friends are medicine.
Drinking more water is medicine.

If you feel like trash, processed food will make you feel worse.
If you feel like trash, flipping through social media will make you feel worse.

I know many of you come on here to check out my stuff, and then end up scrolling through the other trash, so I've set up ways for us to be connected outside social media.

My first step is sharing voice notes via email/text now, so you don't have to dive into the rabbit hole of social media or stare at your screen to stay tangled in my beard.

🇺🇸/🇨🇦 text me 917-636-4159

🌍 sign up at

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