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We Don't Say "Thank You" Enough

A survival mechanism we have is to ignore things that are going well and focus on things out of place. This kept us from getting eaten by the dinosaurs and skinny dipping into volcanos. It's the reason you can't smell things in your house, and don't notice 99% of the things happening in life. Our brains have to decide what's important and what should be disregarded. This was great back then, but now, it's become a massive source of anxiety for us.

The fact that you're reading this means most of your life is going well. You have the basic necessities, your part of the minority of the world who can read and the even smaller minority of the world who has access to the internetz. Our brains aren't concerned with this, instead it'll have us focus on the things that are out of place, and then have those things trigger our fight or flight responses (aka stress).

The things we ignore are the things we should be most grateful for. The friends that always show up, the roof that doesn't collapse, and the food that's always available. Instead we focus on that person who stood us up again, the sports car we can't yet afford, and the followers and likes that we're just not getting.

Focusing on what we don't have is normal, but that doesn't make it healthy. The antidote to this is two simple words: THANK YOU. @jayshetty challenged me not to be grateful for the typical things, but instead to relive moments where my gratitude was the highest. The moments when I close my eyes and replay them in my head, and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.

Those moments are the times friends showed me they really had my back, the moment I got a message from a couple getting married after meeting. through my facebook fanpage. The moment I was able to have my parents meet their childhood hero. The moment I got to see my baby niece's eyes for the first time.

What are your intense moments of gratitude, close your eyes, and replay them. Feel free to share them in the comments with a 🙏🏽 so I know you read the whole caption.

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