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How Malala is Creating a Positive Ripple Effect

How Malala is Creating a Positive Ripple Effect

She received the Nobel Peace Prize, I have a bushy beard... so we're pretty much even. We both value education; @Malalafund, risking her life to give girls around the world an opportunity to learn, me, a former elementary school teacher, who now just tells people DON'T DIE DUMB. I got to meet Malala a few years back in Italy, and it was dope to see her again backstage at @latewithlilly. Often jaded folks are retired idealists, and I wouldn't be lying if I didn't fall into that category; it's refreshing to see someone like Malala, who decided that her ideals could change the world, one educated girl at a time. She stuck with it, even when it almost cost her life. It's a reminder of the power we all have as individuals, and how much it amplifies when we work together. We are holding ourselves back as a civilization when we deny half our population access to basic education. Malala isn't supporting girls, she's helping to create the environment to empower them, so they can support themselves. Of those empowered girls, some will choose to be mothers, and we'll have empowered families, communities, cities, and countries. It's a positive ripple effect we all benefit from. Every human being is a potential innovator once educated, so let's focus on providing as much education possible to as many people. Much love to Malala for being a cool person, and a world-impacting inspiration. #BLESS My hoodie is available at

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