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Baby Steps Add Up, If You Show Up

Baby Steps Add Up, If You Show Up

I bought in 2009, so that means I've been taking this seriously for over 10 years now. The first half of that decade had little to show for it, but I'm now realizing that sticking with it for the first 5 years is enough of an accomplishment in itself. People have high expectations, and low patience, and hearing about overnight successes has skewed our expectations and understanding of what it takes to make it. I released UNLEARN by myself in 2014, and it didn't become a bestseller until 2017, but that seed needed to be planted. More than your talents, your work ethic and persistence are going to decide if you can create the life you want. Talent is a matter of opinion, work ethic isn't, and the hardest workers I know are the ones that never feel they're working hard enough. I'm not going to advocate a sleepless life of intense hustle, that shit won't be sustainable, but I am going to remind you that you're either making progress or excuses, so decide where you devote your energy. I want you all to win, and in the 10 years that I've been in the game, I've never met someone giving it 110% who didn't have something to show for it after 5 years. If you want to cut corners, expect to fail. If you want it quicker, and aren't willing to respect the time things take to form, expect to fail. If you think it's ALL about luck, and don't bother trying, expect to fail. Baby steps add up, if you show up. #BLESS
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