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It's bananas to think I dropped two books on the main stage this year around the world. I'm proud of how both these books turned out. UNLEARN was things I realized on my journey through my darkest times, and I shared the gems I picked up along the way. THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US was me going through the motions of finding value in my most difficult times, knowing that if I could do it through sharing my stories, others could do it too. I'm excited to take some time to prepare my next book. I know the topic, and the general direction, but I need to live a bit more, learn a bit more, and open myself up more to get there. I'm not going to write what I learn, instead I'm going to write TO learn, and that process is what's going to find its way on the pages. Thank you to everyone who got one or both books, please leave a comment letting other folks know your experience with them. Both books are available at, Amazon, at your local bookstore, and for those who don't like reading, on Audible, read to you in my sexy mumbly voice. #BLESS

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