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First Stop, Glasgow

First Stop, Glasgow

My luggage never arrived with me in #Glasgow, so I had to perform in the clothes I slept in. The audience didn't mind, they had a good laugh, and we had a great time. I'm lucky to have a community of handsome friends who don't sweat the small stuff. In addition to doing performances, I'm having conversations/Q&As at literary festivals around #London, and doing a gang of press. It's been fun, I've been meeting a lot of sweet people, making new friends, and hanging with the old. I love the depth of conversations I've been having with people, and it makes the book signings move slow, but makes them more fun. I'm grateful this is happening and looking forward to the next 10 days in this cloudy but warm little Harry Potter country. #BLESS ... oh yes, my luggage was found and we were reunited 12 hours later =) #HumbleUKTour

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