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Lying to Yourself

Lying to Yourself

The last time I got "stabbed in the back" by someone, I wasn't masterfully manipulated by some genius supervillain. I was just excited at the idea of having true Ryde or Die friends, so I ignored the warning signs. When you want something to be true, it becomes true. That's the same reason people who hate #Trump can't see any good in him, and people who love him, can't see any bad; that sh*t's called confirmation bias, and we all do it. On a daily basis, we tell ourselves lies to hold on to our wishful thoughts, avoid reality, or simply get by. I'm not going to bash anyone for doing it, I did it for a long time, and I probably still do it today. I just want you to remember the times those lies bit you in the ass later. We've all had to pay the price for lying to ourselves. I get it, It's hard to be ourselves around others, but at the very least let's be honest with who we are when we're alone. Have those honest conversations, dig deep and explore who you are. Explore why certain people annoy you, explore why you're still able to read long captions in a world of memes. I never said figure out, I said explore. These experiences are more important than coming to some solution. Discovering your truth inside is what's going to help you shine your truth around you, and help you break certain patterns that continue to leave teeth marks on your booty.
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