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Don't Judge the Short Term

Don't Judge the Short Term

Whenever I judge things in the short term, it's usually my emotions making the decisions. When I focus on things in the long term, it's my experience that gets to take the wheel. So much beauty and appreciation in life only happens because things are temporary. If we had things forever, we would take them for granted (sh*t, often we think we'll have things forever and take them for granted). One of my homies in London told me, "We have problems because we forget we're going die" (I recommend you find smart homies that say smart sh*t, it keeps the brain growing). Things coming to an end isn't tragic, it's natural, and if we see that before they end, maybe we can enjoy them much more than we do now. I'm fighting the urge to put that Dr. Seuss quote here (10pts if you know it and leave it in the comments). It's not the most romantic to think that every day could be our last with people we care about, or even on this earth, but if you thought about that more often, how would it change the way you treated others, or yourself, or the way you lived your life? When gratitude and appreciation are brought into the room, then happiness isn't far behind. #BLESS

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