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Feel Light My Handsome Friends

Feel Light My Handsome Friends


I was having some intense existential moments of crises recently. Things had been going fantastically well in many departments of my life, but the flame inside me didn't feel any more fed.
A juicier bank account wasn't doing it.
Pretty ladies hollerin' at the boy wasn't doing it.
Even writing and creating wasn't doing it.
As I teetered on the edge of Nihilism, I went outside, closed my eyes, put my face into the sun, and just smiled. The problem wasn't that I was lacking something, I was just carrying too much. Too much expectation, too much pressure, too much stress, too much entitlement, and too much distraction. All of that was smothering the key to my happiness: my gratitude.
I got lost in the sauce and got so absorbed in all the noise around me, that I forgot that I am only here for a short time, and not to sweat the small stuff (aka all this stuff). We're going to die, and living up to expectations, being noticed, and keeping up with people we don't care about isn't going to follow us into eternity, so please don't give it more real estate than it deserves. I didn't have to read a motivational quote, or pop a pill- I had to make a decision, and the decision was to take ownership of how I feel, all the time.
It doesn't belong to my success or failures, it belongs to me.
I can kiss the sunshine, and smell the morning, and hug a long day.
I could sit on my ass and do nothing as well.
I have that freedom and choice, but once it's all said and done, let's make sure more was done than said.
Feel light my handsome friends, find it around you, and within

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