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An Act We All Put On

An Act We All Put On

People are continuously turning their anxiety and depressive episodes into novelties like it's a funny zit on their face or something. I think making light of things is great, and I don't think anything is sacred, but making light of some things also makes it challenging to actually address them. I exist behind the scenes of this digital world. I know most of your favourite creators and get to hang out with them when the cameras are off, and with the exception of a handful of self-aware homies, many are struggling with mental health challenges, and sinking lower and lower trying to keep their audiences appeased. It's an act we all play, while simultaneously falling for it when others do the same. This makes us both prisoners and guards, knowing that anyone who takes off the mask usually fades into oblivion. I understand, no one wants to scroll through their feed and see how miserable everyone else is, but seeing everyone pretend to be happy feeds that misery all the same. I've taken social media off my phone and put it on an older phone that I only check once or twice a day. I use an alarm clock instead of my phone to wake up in the morning, and I'm very mindful of the people I follow, and how the content they create impacts me. It's my responsibility to feel good about myself, and I'm not going to blame social media if I have the power to reduce my intake. I implore you, my handsome friends, to do the same, and you'll see how quickly life starts to feel a bit better. When we feel better, we can share those great feelings with others to empower them to do the same in their life. What else can you do to feel better about your life? Leave a comment below 

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