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It's Not Worth I When It's Easy

It's Not Worth I When It's Easy


So often I write things, and a common reply in the comments is "easier said than done" and I roll my eyes so far back, I can actually see my brain. Literally everything in life is easier said than done. I get it, what they mean to say is "Humble, it's simple to understand, but not so simple to execute" and that's fair. The things that are worth doing in life SHOULD be challenging, otherwise, they really wouldn't be worth doing. I've tried to help numerous people who give me excuses as to why they refuse to put in effort, and my only reply is to move on with my life. The only person that can get you out of bed is you. The only person responsible for improving your life is you. If you want to sit around complaining and make no effort to improve things, then don't expect things to get better, and realize things will probably get worse. We ALWAYS have control over our effort, and all the "what if" comments in the world won't change that. I will never spend a calorie helping someone lying in a hole feeling sorry for themselves. I'd rather spend my energy helping the one who's trying their best to get out. Help those who help themselves, and encourage the ones sitting around and complaining to get off their ass to do the same. If you can't muster the energy to help yourself, then try to help someone else; there's very little resistance in the world when you're giving others value. This caption won't save me from hearing the "easier said than done" comments, but that's okay, we'll keep it moving regardless because that's probably a sign that we're expanding our family of handsome friends. 

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