Don't Say There's Love; Show There's Love

As much as love is a thing, it's more of an action. 

Showing someone you love them will always be more important than telling them you love them. Now it's important to find out the needs of others so you can help communicate your love to them that way (waddup love languages), because sometimes the only reason we don't feel love, or feel like the love we share isn't getting through is because there's a breakdown in communication. 

We can say things matter to us, but if they're not in our day to day life, then we're talking shit. I'll know if eating healthy matters by looking at your kitchen, not hearing stories about how vegan you are. I know about the people and things that matter most to you by how much they're in your day to day, not based on what you tell me. 

Let's be about love more than we speak about it, our actions will always speak louder than our words. #LOVE
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