What Did You Appreciate Most in 2020?

We have to stop assuming that once it's January 1st, 2021 everything will magically improve. For some, it may even get worse before it gets better. What can be sure of, even years from now "How was your 2020?" will never get just a one word reply. We don't know what exists within us until we explore unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations; that literally activates parts of us we never knew existed. It's safe to say this past year has done the same for many of us.

Gratitude is the not-so-secret ingredient to happiness. We have the superpower to close our eyes and remember a moment in life that filled us with life, energy and happiness, and I'm sure that was more clear than ever this past year.

Make time to say thank you to those that matter, we've all been touched by loss on one level or another, and even that collective experience is something we can express gratitude for.

Will 2021 be a makeup year for 2020? Will things get better? Will things get worse? I don't have those answers, but like you, I have a big to-do list for when life goes back to whatever "normal" is allowed. In the meantime, we can all add some sunshine to our lives, by making time and actively expressing thanks for all the wonderful we have in our life.

What did you appreciate most in 2020?
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