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Don't Let What's Happening Around You Weigh You Down

Don't Let What's Happening Around You Weigh You Down

This is the first year I've taken any real ownership for being sensitive. Mean comments on social media don't really bother me, but I'm still very sensitive to peoples' energy, their words, and their actions (or lack thereof).

I'm owning how much I'm impacted by things and people around me, and making effort not to point fingers when it impacts how I feel. I hold grudges, keep tabs, and allow things to ruin my day like everyone else, and to get to a place where I can do better, I have to make uncomfortable decisions.

Sometimes that means I have to BE nice instead of SEEMING nice, and express my boundaries, and let people know what types of bullshit I'm not down with. This makes me come off more harsh, but telling someone the truth in these situations shows more respect than padding it with lies so I don't look like a bad guy.

This also means acknowledging that I'm impacted much deeper by the unpleasantness of others more than any of my pleasantness can counteract, and vice versa. I can't shrug off the fact that I completely have the power to ruin someone else's day, and only view myself as a victim of life.

Even when I wasn't going it alone, I was going it alone, and I'm realizing that I have to be more aware of the walls and barriers I put up. Thick skin doesn't just block out the hurt, it can only make it harder to receive the love. We have to open our doors with confidence that we can handle anything that comes our ways, and we have to close them with a confidence that we'll appreciate both the protection and isolation.

One of the biggest sources of outside stress is social media, and I'm working for us to be connected more outside of it.
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