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You Are Who You Hang Out With

You Are Who You Hang Out With

I've been trying to take more responsibility when things don't work out the way I want them in life. I think one of the easiest cop outs we have is in relationships. We talk about finding the "right" person, but we don't do the work to even figure out what "right" means.

This isn't just for romantic relationships, this is friendships, work teams, and anything else where you exist with other people for a long time. People have chemistry, and that chemistry goes both ways. Everyone involved is influenced by another, and that's an important fact to remember.

We can pretend to be heroes and martyrs hanging out with people who drain us of our energy, because we think it's noble to stick by them; it's not, it's just draining. We want to tell ourselves what we can be good influences on others, but that comes at a cost to us as well.

I'm trying to own the choices I make, and that includes the people I decide to spend energy, love, time and focus on, and if things aren't going well, I have to take ownership to move away from those situations. Moving away from those situations isn't to belittle or put down the other people, it's to recognize that I have to be in situations and around people that are good for the direction I'm heading in. For me to know what direction I want to head in, I have to spend time on myself.

You are who you hang out with, you are who you follow, you are where you spend your time, energy, love and focus, so choose wisely.

I appreciate you spending some of that time, energy, love and focus on me, and I know it comes at the trade of being on social media. So instead let's connect outside here, text me 917-636-4159 or visit, and I have options for us to stay connected without you having to spend so much time social media.
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