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The Strongest Don't Survive, The Most Adaptable Do

The Strongest Don't Survive, The Most Adaptable Do

We inherit tradition from people who aren't alive anymore. They created a roadmap for life and we stick with that map, forgetting how quickly the world changes. There are definitely sides of human nature that will exist forever, but then there's also things that are changing so fast, that ideas of yesterday just don't make any sense anymore.

As a species, we made it this far because we adapt. Those adaptations came from mistakes and adjustments; that's going to be the same recipe for our own evolution. 2020 required everyone to adjust and adapt, and those who refused to do so have paid the price. Whether we're talking about the pandemic, the weather, or the almighty algorithm, the most important thing we can do is PAY ATTENTION and adjust our sails to the wind.

Paying attention means being more self aware, self awareness is probably one of the most important things we can continually aim for. This means looking inside, asking the tough questions, and being brave enough to say and hear the uncomfortable answers.

what worked for us yesterday, may not work for us today. What works for us today may be useless tomorrow. Honouring yesterday when it doesn't make sense is what turns us into obsolete dinosaurs. We'll only know if something makes sense when we decide to think about it with a critical lens. Let's stop thinking the people that gave us traditions are better equipped than us to pave a future.

For me, social media is one of those things that's no longer making sense. What started as a way to see where your second cousin went on his vacation, has turned into information and sensory overload that's just shovelling anxiety into us. I love the community we have, so I'm working to keep us connected without having to jump onto social media anymore.

Connect with me at (link in bio). There you'll find options for us to deepen our connection without the anxiety filled rabbit hole of social media.
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