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Don't Let Others' Opinions Hold You Back

Don't Let Others' Opinions Hold You Back

Impressing people we don't know, or don't like shouldn't be more important than feeling good about ourselves.

Impressing those that matter to us in life feels good, but when it takes us away from who we authentically are, then that becomes a problem. For a lot of people, that's living up to family expectations, for others, it's society (whatever that means), and for others, it's an invisible bunch of strangers on the internet who have the power to say your cancelled (whatever that means).

Other people's opinions feel like they matter, because it's how we better understand ourselves. But when push comes to shove, we have to remember that we're the only ones living our lives, and if we're not honouring who we are, then who will? There's no honour in sacrificing your being to keep others happy; that's just romanticizing being a people pleasure.

It will take time, difficult conversations, and some painful breakups, but it's essential if you want to feel better in your own skin. This is a part of loving yourself, creating and holding a space that lets you...BE YOU. We hold devices full of other people's opinions, that it's hard to figure out how we really feel, so spend some alone time, away from the noise, and just listen.

I have, and it's made my life very uncomfortable and uncertain, but it feels real, and I feel lighter because of it.
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  • Absolutely! It’s crucial to embrace your authentic self and pursue your goals without being swayed by others’ opinions. Each person’s journey is unique, and allowing external judgments to dictate your path can hinder personal growth.


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