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1000 Trials and Errors

1000 Trials and Errors

Ray Dalio said it's not about 10,000 hours, it's about 10,000 trial and errors. The challenge is we're so afraid of the errors, we don't do the trials. Our mistakes are our best teachers, but we spend so much time paralyzed with fear of making mistakes, we don't move forward.

The easiest things you can do is remember that most of your life has evolved from the dumb things you've done, it's how we've learned as individuals, but also as a species. With this pandemic, we're making mistakes and adjusting in real time to improve on them.

Being afraid of making mistakes means less life will be lives. You'll be in your safe space your whole life, and then you'll die. If that's the life you want, stick with it, and own the monotony, boredom and eventual depression that comes with it. But if you're reading my stuff, you've most likely already commited to wanting more from existence than what the script dictates.

Make mistakes, learn from them, we'll be dead one day, and then what will it matter?
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