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Chase Your Vision

Chase Your Vision

I noticed the main reason people don't live the life they want is FEAR. That fear doesn't mean people are weak, it's often because most of us have never been given any real tools to address fear. Usually fear is what's been used to keep us in line. The cool thing about discovering our obsessions is that it takes the fear out of the equation. Fear is often our default setting until we find some comfort, but we have to lean into the fear if we want to grow. Call it God, your purpose, your vision, your WHY, whatever you want, that drive that pulls us ends up allowing us to be bold in the face of fear and move despite it. I can't tell you the purpose of your life, I'm still figuring out my own, but I can encourage you to dip your toe in as many things that life has to offer, and from that maybe you'll connect with something you never knew you loved before. When I was a kid, I used to record colourful music videos on VHS and watch them over obsessively, that explains why I go overboard in the music videos I create. I don't think we choose the WHY, but I have a big hankering that much of it has to do with our childhood and what's going to make us feel alive. So explore and see what makes you feel alive, and dive even deeper into it. That's the type of stuff that will pull you out of bed in the morning. #BLESS Tag someone who needs to see this!

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