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Confidence takes Work

Confidence takes Work

Lebron James wasn't Lebron James the first time he picked up a ball. Neither was Adele the first time she sang, or Beyonce the first time she did all the things we love about her. It took time, boring practice, and a lot of work. We generally encounter these people after they've put in the work, and start comparing where they are to where we are, and start to feel insecure. There are no magically special people. We all have gifts, and if we work to discover those gifts, and work even more to hone those gifts, we'll start to stand out. I've been writing regularly since I was 8, and although the beard shows otherwise, I'm not actually a wizard with this. Whatever we practice, we'll get better at. Whatever we get better at, we'll grow confidence in. This is why confidence isn't a light switch, it's something we develop slowly over time. I may be a great writer (because I put in the work), but I'm not a great swimmer (because I didn't put in the work), so you won't see a confident Humble at the swimming pool, and that's okay. Let's stop assuming confidence is reserved for everyone else. We can be exceptional if we put in the work too. #BLESS

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