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Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus

The best way I can describe @aubreymarcus is by saying he's a guy who does the work. He does significantly more walking than talking and uses those experiences to add value to so many other people. Aubrey works towards having a full stop, committed relationship with the truth, and when you check out his podcast (The Aubrey Marcus Podcast) you'll see this amplified in every conversation he has. His relationship with fear is one of the healthiest I've ever encountered, and he's always open to being vulnerable and creating environments for others to do the same. In #Poland, it was his guided meditation sessions that brought me visions for the first time, and knowing that he doesn't judge made it very easy to share my own challenges and struggles with someone who could help me articulate my confusion. Right after Poland, Aubrey went to Germany and spent almost 7 days in complete darkness, and I highly encourage you to follow him as he begins to share that experience. He is well versed in plant medication, various forms of meditation, and alternate lifestyles in business, love and day to day living. He's also a NYT Bestselling author and the CEO of Onnit. Although I've been on his podcast twice, I only got to properly build with him on this trip, and for that, I have to extend more gratitude to @lewishowes for the invite. This trip was transformative, not just because of the ice and the breathing, but because of the amazing men I got to share space with. I'm a fan of Aubrey, and it trips me out to also consider him a friend.

Brother, thank you for always making space for me, and setting a standard of how people can live, with an authentic dedication to truth and curiosity to explore this experience called life to the fullest. #BLESS
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