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Sometimes it takes great loss

Sometimes it takes great loss


Let's be honest, our default seems to be a state that lacks gratitude and focuses on the gaps we have. That's probably associated with our survival, and in a world where we're no longer inundated with physical danger, our circuits get shorted and we worry about all the wrong things. All of a sudden, we experience some great loss, personal, or even something on a grand scale (One Love #Kobe), and everything else becomes dramatically less important than telling those that matter the most "I love you". It feels like it's going to last, but it doesn't. A few days later, more noise later, and more worries later, we're back to our zombie-like state; floating back and forth between the past and future, spending very little time in the present.

I know I'm better off being aware of this and focusing on being present. Sometimes I get there from doing breathing activities, other times I literally tell myself, "you'll be dead soon, focus on what's actually important". It's harsh, but works for me.

In those moments when things don't go our way, when things we value disappear, we are gifted with a hyper-focus, let's appreciate those moments for what they are, and be okay that they won't last with that same intensity forever, it's not meant to. It's okay to be human; it's okay to lose focus, it's okay to not always be grateful, it's okay to take things for granted, just make some efforts to get better at those important things. #BLESS.

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