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You're Not a Failure, You're Just Impatient

You're Not a Failure, You're Just Impatient

We're often impatient because we're living according to someone else's timeline. Patience doesn't mean you sit around and do nothing. It means you respect the time it takes for things to play out. Shit takes time and technology has us all expecting to get everything instantly. Anything longer than 3 seconds and we huff and puff in impatience, and that's fucking with our mental health. The reason meditation is so beneficial isn't because it gives you magic powers to read minds and float in the air, but it does help you bring focus to what's important, and find peace in patience. I suck at meditating, I also suck at eating healthy, that doesn't mean I can't recognize its benefits and share those with others. Let's stop beating ourselves up over why things aren't working out on our (or other's) timelines, things happen when they happen, and sometimes forcing them to speed up, does more to slow them down. What's something you can be more patient with right now? #BLESS

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